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Family income & Fee Waiver Forms

Student Fees - Fee Waiver Application Process

Fee Waivers 

  1. Are for the current school year 
  2. Applications must be completed EACH SCHOOL YEAR to have student fees waived
  3. If Approved, they cover academic costs only. Things like the Yearbook, extracurriculars, clubs, sports, events, etc. are not included in the fee waiver. 
Step 1 → 
Complete and Turn In the Mandatory Yearly School Form Packet that includes the Family Income Form.
Step 2 →
On the Family Income Form, make sure you check the box in “Part 5” that says “YES! I am interested in applying for a waiver of instructional fees.”
Step 3 → 
Complete the Fee Waiver Application and provide proof of income no later than Nov. 1, 2023 to Erik Fonseca - [email protected] 
Step 4 →
You will receive an email, from Mr. Fonseca, at the start of second semester (beginning of January) whether or not you have been approved for a Fee Waiver. If approved; your student fees for SY24 will be removed from your Student’s account.