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This is for ALL Clubs! Old - Current and New!! All must reapply!!


Step 1 Make sure you have a Staff Sponsor, then fill out this Google Form to request the creation of your club
Step 2 Your application will be reviewed and then you and your Staff Sponsor will receive approval of your club via email.
Step 3 Once approved, you will recruit members. 
Step 4 Create a club attendance sheet using this template and share it with Mr. Reget and Ms Hallberg
Step 5 The Club will be added to the Calendar for room\space reservations. 
    • If your meeting day changes you MUST first let us know and make sure it works with the school calendar.
    • No Club can meet without their Adult supervisor PRESENT
Step 6 You may begin Club participation!! You must take attendance every time you meet on the shared spreadsheet. (Please remember your teacher sponsor must be present for the entire club meeting.)
Step 7 Please remember, if you need to cancel a club meeting please email Mr. Reget in advance so she can remove it from the calendar that week..
Current Clubs
For the list of all Current and Active Clubs CLICK HERE