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Course Selection

Course Selection Process

Counselors meet will meet with their divisions to provide an overview of the course selection process using Student Portal for the 2023-2024 school year. Teachers will also provide additional course information to support students to choose the classes that match their interests and goals. Students will make their selections starting on the date assigned to each grade level (see chart below). After students use Aspen to select options, counselors meet one-on-one with students to finalize their selections. On this webpage, you will find resources to help you pick your classes for next year. 

Course Selection Schedule

Class Presentation by Division Course Selection Opens Finalization Meetings with Counselor
Junior Class of 2024 Wed. Jan. 18th Fri. Jan. 20th @2:30pm Week of Jan. 23rd
Sophomore Class of 2023 Wed. Feb. 1st Fri. Feb. 3rd @2:30pm Week of Feb. 6th
Freshman Class of 2022 Wed. Feb. 15th Fri. Feb. 17th @2:30pm
Week of Feb. 20th