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Student Handbook / Contract

Von Steuben Student Handbook &  Contract

Please CLICK HERE for the SY24 Student Handbook. It is a great resource that includes things such as:
  1. Von PRIDE Values
  2. Policies and Expectations
  3. Key Student Events
  4. Who’s who and where to go for what
  5. Study Resources
  6. And more
In addition, each year ALL Students and Parents MUST read and sign the Panther PRIDE Contract. Please CLICK HERE  to do so.
As a reminder, to be eligible to participate in Clubs, Sports, Assemblies, Field Trips, Von Events, etc.; you must maintain the following requirements:


  • ACADEMIC EXPECTATION:  be passing ALL classes or complete a student success plan up to TWO classes.
  • ATTENDANCE EXPECTATION: No more than 2 unexcused and no more than 3 excused absences in any quarter. For a total of 10 absences in any given quarter. TOTAL MAX of 40 YTD:
    • Q1: 2 UNEXCUSED Absences, 3 EXCUSED Absences = 5 TOTAL Absences
    • Q2: 4 UNEXCUSED Absences, 6 EXCUSED Absences = 10 TOTAL Absences
    • Q3: 6 UNEXCUSED Absences, 9 EXCUSED Absences = 15 TOTAL Absences
    • Q4: 8 UNEXCUSED Absences, 12 EXCUSED Absences = 20 TOTAL Absences
  • ON TIME TO CLASS: Must be on time to class, after 15 in a Quarter, must serve detention to become eligible again.  After 30, ineligible the rest of the Quarter.
  • UP HOLD PRIDE VALUES: No level 5 or 6 SCC violations. Needs Dean approval