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Scholars Application

The Scholars Application no longer requires any supplemental materials.


All students applying to this program must take the CPS HSAT and must have a minimum percentile of 60 in both Math and Reading. Students are selected in descending total point order on a 900 point scale, with 450 points coming from the HSAT and 450 points coming from final (cumulative) 7th grade report card. We recommend that eligible Scholar students also apply to the Von Steuben College Prep program to increase their chances.  Applications submitted after the go.cps deadline will not be considered for admission. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance via, go.cps in the Spring of 2024. Students that receive an offer should expect an email invitation to our Welcome Night event, details will be communicated at that time.

Incoming freshmen who are selected for the Scholars Program must must take honor level classes AND maintain a 3.0 GPA in their core subjects to remain in the Scholars Program. Those who score below these minimums or do not maintain their grades will be removed from the program and scheduled for classes that best match their skill level during registration.

If you have questions about applying, you can contact Carla Escobar [email protected].