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 The Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center counseling department offers a comprehensive school counseling program that provides support in the areas of personal and social development, academic achievement, and college and career attainment. Our program is built on the beliefs that all students are able to learn and grow, all students deserve an advocate and equitable services, and all students of every grade level should participate in the counseling program. We encourage students to participate fully in counseling activities and to take advantage of the many resources Von Steuben has to offer, including tutoring, summer program partnerships, school clubs, organizations, and athletics. If students experience personal issues that interfere with success in school, we invite them to speak with us so that goals can be set and reached with guidance and support. 
Vision: Through participation in the counseling program, all students at Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center achieve postsecondary success and realize their full potential. Students are empowered to develop social and emotional wellness, college and career readiness, and the skills to positively contribute to a competitive, ever-changing society.  
Mission: The Von Steuben Counseling Department facilitates long-range success in the domains of academic, social/emotional, and college/career development. With the assistance of all stakeholders, the counseling department advocates for equitable access to enriching and challenging educational opportunities to prepare students for a diverse and demanding 21st century.


Students can visit the counseling office during their lunch, before or after school, or by appointment.

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Ms. McCaw

701, 702, 718 

601, 602 

501, 502

401, 402

[email protected]

McCaw Appointments

Ms. Kwan

703, 704, 719

603, 604, 619

503, 516, 519

403, 404, 419 

[email protected]

Kwan Appointments

Ms. Gavilanes

705, 706 

605, 606 

505, 506, 520

405, 406

[email protected]

Gavilanes Appointments

Mr. Kenealy

707, 708 

607, 608

507, 508 

407, 408, 416

[email protected]

Kenealy Appointments

Ms. Martinez

709, 710

610, 611

510, 515 

409, 410, 411

[email protected]

Martinez Appointments

Mr. Roman

713, 714, 715, 716

614, 615

513, 514

415, 420

[email protected]

Roman Appointments

Ms. Albers

711, 712 

612, 613, 620

511, 512

412, 413

[email protected]

Albers Appointments