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Welcome to Von Steuben

5039 N. Kimball Ave

Chicago, IL 60625

Albany Park Neighborhood

Ward 39 - Alderwoman: Samantha Nugent

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Student Morning Entry

Late Arrivals - Early Dismissal

**CPS asks that doctors and dentist appointments occur after school hours but know it is not always possible for late and early arrivals parents must submit documentation of appointments HERE

Half Day or Full Day Attendance: If a student is picked up or arrives late and misses at least two full classes, they will receive a half day attendance. If the student is picked up and has not attended three full classes, they will receive a full day absence.

Early Dismissals: Students cannot leave the building on their own, even with parent permission, that is for their own safety. If they do, it will be considered a cut and unexcused absence. Students MUST be picked up by a parent/guardian identified on the submitted school emergency form. If the adult is NOT listed, we CANNOT release the student to the person attempting to pick them up.

  • Approved adults must enter through Door B, check in with security with their ID and SIGN the student out
  • Security with then call the student down from class to be dismissed from school
  • All Early Dismissal must occur prior to 2:45pm. For the safety and smooth transition of dismissal of the Von Community, NO early dismissals will be allowed after 2:45pm.