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FAQ for Parents/Guardians

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How will student’s make course selections?

Students will log onto their Aspen account then click the My Info “Top Tab” > Requests “Side Tab” and then Click on “Select” next to each subject to choose classes.
There is a “Notes to Counselor” box at the bottom where students can submit a note to their counselors. After student’s select their courses for next year they should hit the post button. Here is a youtube video to support students on the technical side. Counselor’s will also go over this.
Students can also see the courses that they have been recommended for by their current teachers in Aspen.
Once students select their courses - your student will meet with their counselor in a 1:1 meeting to go over their requests. The counselors will be looking at teacher recommendations, post-secondary knowledge, and your student’s transcript to find a schedule that best fits them.
If changes need to be made to the course requests, the student should see their counselor.

How should I help guide my student in their course selection?

Start talking with your student about their interests and aspirations for after high school. Have them think about what classes help them explore those interests. Students who are highly interested in their studies may find more success in that class. With your student, create a timetable of their week - how much time would they like to spend working, studying, doing homework, playing sports, etc.. Think about the time commitments to help them guide their choices for next school year. Looking at their current performance in class can help you as well.

How do we know what courses are available and which are required?

Use the Sequence of Study to see what is available in each grade level.
Use the VSMSC Course Catalog to see the pathways and course descriptions.

Will my student automatically receive a schedule with all of the requested classes?

Course requests are not guaranteed.
For this reason, if there are classes that are elective based, we ask that students choose 1-2 alternatives for that class. For example, AP Psychology is a popular class, we ask that students put down another class that would replace that class if it doesn’t fit in their schedule. If students do not choose an alternate one will be selected for them.