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Von PRIDE Expectations \ Policies

 In order to create a culture of learning, appreciation and understanding; in an academic learning community in which all people feel safe, sustained, engaged, challenged and appreciated; all panthers will hold themselves to the PRIDE values and treat each other with respect, integrity and compassion. As well as, follow the Von Student Expectations and  CPS Student Code of Code (SCC).




All Personal Electronic Devices, including cell phones, earbuds, headphones etc. are prohibited in the follow areas:
  1. CLASSROOMS: Cellphones & headphones must be placed in classroom cell phone pocket upon entry of each class
  2. HALLWAYS: Cell Phones and headphones are not permitted during class time.
  3. RESTROOMS & LOCKER ROOMS: Cell Phones & recording devices are strictly prohibited by federal law at all times
**If a student is found with a device, it will be confiscated & brought to 110 for pick up at the end of the day with escalating consequences if repeated infractions. 
**NOTE: Personal Laptops\iPads are Prohibited at all times
Students are expected to be on time every day and attend every class on time. 
  • After 15 TARDIES on a Quarter you must serve an After School Detention & are ineligible until you do.
  • After 30 TARDIES, you must have a Parent Conference, you lose phone privileges One Week and you are ineligible the remainder of the quarter
  • More than 2 unexcused and\or 3 excused absences in a quarter and you are ineligible for the Quarter.
NOTE: Late to school and Cuts add up to unexcused absences


All Students must Enter through the Courtyard entrances in the morning from 7am - 8am. All anyone entering the school building, Student or Adult, is subject to Search. 
Anyone found entering or letting in someone through an unauthorized door is jeopardizing the safety of the building and will be searched, as well as, is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
Vapes (both tobacco or Cannabis), Drugs, Alcohol are not allowed on school property and a violation of the student code of conduct. This also includes medication of any kind. All medication must be checked in with a doctor's note to the Nurse. 
Weapons of any kind are Prohibited on campus and will be confiscated and not returned and is a violation of the student code of conduct. If a student carries Mace for protection on the CTA it must be checked in with Security every morning and picked up at the end of the day.
Tagging Markers of any kind are Prohibited and will be confiscated and not returned. 
**All Violations will  have escalating consequences per the SCC and parents will be notified



Students and staff will exhibit Panther PRIDE values while moving through the hallways. Treating one another with respect and kindness. 
Students are expected to:
  1. Be on Time to class & lunch
  2. Wear their School ID’s visibly around their necks at all times
  3. Keep the halls clean (Throw trash in the trash cans)
  4. Not linger at lockers, and move quickly to class
  5. Not use the elevator unless they have an elevator pass from 110
  6. Have a hall pass if the leave class and adhere to the 10 min rule (wait 10 mins after the bell before leaving class)
  7. Only one person out of class at a time
  8. No Cell Phones in the halls during class time.
In order to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for all, Food and Drink, with the exception of water, is NOT ALLOWED in any part of the building except the cafeteria.
Students who arrive PRIOR to 7:50am with outside food and drink WILL be allowed in, but they must go directly to the cafeteria to eat and drink their breakfast.
Students who arrive AFTER 7:50am with outside food and drink will need to throw it out, as they need to go straight to class.
Students may NOT have food or drink DELIVERED to the school. It will be thrown out. 
Selling food or drink at school, unless an approved fundraiser by the LSC, is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Any student found selling, will have the items confiscated and not returned. Consequences issued per the SCC.


BE yourself, Be Respectful, Be School Appropriate

Clothing which promotes hate speech and/or images that contribute to the creation of a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender, or sexual orientation is prohibited
Clothing that depicts or refers to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gangs/cults, or obscenities is prohibited. 
“Drugs” includes but is not limited to tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances, and cannabis.
In addition, Clothing may not advocate or promote acts of or depict violence, weapons, self-destruction, or sexual behavior
Clothing must provide full coverage of the buttock, chest and midriff area when standing and/or sitting, as well as, sunglasses are not permitted to be worn inside the school building (unless for documented medical reasons).
Last but not least, for the safety of the Von Community, ANY person: Student, Staff or Visitor, MUST wear their Von ID VISIBLY around their NECK AT ALL TIME. They may NOT deface their ID or cover up their photo. 
In addition, ALL persons, Students, Staff or Visitors, MUST swipe in upon entry to the building. If you forgot your ID, you must get a Temporary ID at One North or in 110. 
NOTE: The cost for a Temp is $1, after 4 temps, you must get a new ID for $5 in The Student Center in 110, as we assume you lost your ID.