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About College Prep

College Prep Program Overview

The Von Steuben College Prep Program is a college preparatory curriculum designed to prepare students for the postsecondary institution of their choice.
The goal for students in this program is to maintain a minimum unweighted GPA of a 3.0 while taking classes that are a combination of regular, honors, Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit (DC) level. In addition to this rigorous academic schedule, College Prep students are invited to unique programming that supports their exploration of careers, fields of study, and life after high school.

Enriching Activities

In addition to the college-level curriculum, College Prep Students participate in a variety of exclusive extracurricular activities that give students the opportunity to connect with other students both academically and socially. These activities include field trips that supplement and reinforce what they have studied and challenge them intellectually outside of the classroom. Our College Prep students lead a variety of activities including participating in International Night, National Honor Society, Student Athletic Committee. College Prep students are given the opportunity to go on a variety of college visits throughout their time at Von Steuben.

Supportive Environment

During the critical freshman and sophomore years, teachers in the College Program work closely in Professional Learning Communities to coordinate topics of study and due dates of major assignments and tests. They also meet regularly to discuss student progress and plan coordinated interventions for those students experiencing academic and/or social difficulty. This individual attention and support continues throughout the student’s four years in the program, including the college and scholarship application process.

Academic and Social-Emotional Support

Students in the College Prep program who are new to taking AP classes are given the opportunity to be a member of our AP Bridge Mentoring. Students in this community are paired with another student who has successfully completed an AP course. Additionally, we offer school-wide tutoring which we call PAWS (Positive Academic Work Session) that is targeted towards supporting students in a specific subject area. Our RAMP-certified counseling team supports students to meet postsecondary preparation goals through lessons conducted throughout the school year. As an Exemplary Supportive School, we embed social-emotional learning throughout the curriculum. We also have a strong behavioral health team that consists of a social worker, school psychologist, counselors, case managers, and outside community agencies to support students with social and emotional challenges.

Special Recognition

Students in the College Prep Program are recognized throughout the year in quarterly award ceremonies for Honor Roll. There are special recognition ceremonies at graduation for specific accomplishments with our College Prep students. Through our strong curricular initiatives, College Prep students have earned recognition for National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Industry Credentials (particularly in our CTE classes), AP Success, and Seal of Biliteracy. Our College Prep student-athletes earn scholarships and are recognized for their outstanding academic and athletic performance at our sports banquets.
If you have questions about the College Prep Program contact Carla Escobar our Admissions Director at [email protected].