Principal's Message

Welcome to Von Steuben!
A new school year, brings new opportunities. A new school year is full of potential and you can bring about the change you want for yourself, your community, and your school. Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center values challenging academics and developing a supportive learning community for all students. Von PRIDE is a key component of what it means to be a student at Von Steuben.
As you begin the new school year, set high goals for yourself.  Your teachers and I expect great things from you! Study hard, ask questions, and think deeply about the world around you. Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center is home to challenging and rigorous programs that will spark your curiosity and expand your horizons. You are expected to pass your classes with a 3.0 GPA or better, maintain good attendance, and behave in a manner that is becoming of a Von Panther in order to enjoy the student events and activities that are part of your high school experience, exemplifying Von PRIDE values.
Freshmen, you are entering a new chapter of your educational career.  Make good choices! I encourage you to join a club or sport, make new friends, and ask many questions. This year will set you on a path of excellence. Take advantage of all that Von Steuben has to offer.
Sophomores and juniors, these are critical years for you. Study hard, do your work, and invest your time wisely in enriching and rewarding activities. Remember that your senior year will be here soon and colleges will be looking at your unweighted grade point average, the level of courses you take, and how you spend your time outside of school.  Make this year count.
Seniors, now is the time to think about how you will end your high school career.  Pay attention to the senior contract and passport. Will you leave Von Steuben on a strong note with excellent grades and prepared for postsecondary success?  The choice is yours, and I encourage you to consider your actions carefully.
Von Steuben offers a wide variety of courses at many levels. Take your course selections seriously and strike a balance between challenging yourself and supporting your learning. Beyond academics, Von Steuben offers a wide variety of clubs and teams to expand your social and emotional development. I expect all Von students to demonstrate Von PRIDE at all times.  The choices you make now develop into your habits and character in the future. I invite you to explore and experience what Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center has to offer. 
Together, We Are Von Strong!
Principal Sutton