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CTA \ Ventra Cards For Students


  • Student’s can purchase their CPS Student Ventra Card during their lunch period with their Student ID and $5 dollars CASH in the Student Center in Room 110
  • Student’s can also purchase a Replacement Card for $5 CASH with their Student ID in the Student Center in Room 110, Only if their card is registered will their balance be protected.


  • Student Ventra Cards Cost $5.00, but the cost does not go towards fares
  • Reduced Fares are ONLY when school is IN SESSION
    • 5:30am - 8:30pm Monday - Friday (NOT on weekends)
    • NOT during the summer
  • Students can STILL USE their card on week-ends & during the Summer but for the FULL fare
  • You can reload the transit Card:
    • Online at ventrachicago.com
    • Oy phone at 1-877-NOW-VENTRA, 
    • Via the Ventra Mobile App, 
    • At all CTA rail station vending machines and 
    • At more than 1,000 retailers and currency exchanges across Chicago.
    • Please note: There is no pre-paid debit functionality available for students. The prepaid fares option has been disabled on the Student Ventra Card
  • You can track when busses and trains are arriving at your stop HERE


  • While you do not have to register your card it is HIGHLY recommended
  • It will protect the balance in the event the card is lost or stolen
  • You will have access to to the online account management
  • Registration is quick and easy and can be done over the phone or online at https://www.ventrachicago.com/register-account/ 

Student Reduced Fare on CTA

  • “L” Train - $0.75
  • Bus -  $0.75
  • Transfers - Free up to two transfers within 2 hrs of first ride
  • Cannot purchase the unlimited passes for a reduced rate