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Covid Protocol

Covid Protocol

Step 1

Report Positive Test Results to CPS


Step 2

Email Ms. Hallberg ([email protected] ) and let her know your student is sick as well as the following info:

  1. Student Name
  2. When your student tested positive
  3. Last day your Student attended School
  4. If your student participated in any clubs or sports

Step 3

Report your student’s absences via Parent Portal or call the attendance office at 774-534-5100 option attendance.

Step 4

Once CPS notifies Ms. Hallberg of the confirmed quarantine time, your Student’s counselor will email you, your student and all of your student’s teachers to start at home learning. If your student feel’s well enough they can log into google classroom to complete their assignments.


When to stay home?

Why would someone quarantine?

Key Definitions

  1. Feeling Sick
  2. Family member is ill or\and awaiting a Covid test AND YOU are 
    1. Do NOT need to Quarantine unless symptomatic
    2. DO need to wear a MASK for 5 days
  1. Exposed to some who is Covid Positive (close contact)
    1. Do NOT need to Quarantine unless symptomatic
    2. DO need to wear a MASK for 5 days
    3. Recommend getting Covid tested 
  1. Traveled internationally
    1. Unvaccinated (5 days OR return w/ neg Covid test)
    2. Vaccinated (provide neg Covid test upon return)

(aka why would a teacher get an email from the counselor that officially starts at-home learning)

  1. Student traveled and needs to Quarantine
  2. Student was had an exposure outside of Von, so no impact on Von Community and is quarantining to keep our community safe
  3. Student’s sibling was exposed and they are awaiting covid test
  4. Student has Covid but was never in the building and will quarantine
  5. Student was exposed at school and is on quarantine
  6. Student has Covid and contact tracing protocol has been implemented

** Note that only 1 of 6 reasons is that the student has Covid and was in school. HIPAA and privacy rights protect students. No one needs to know which of the 6 reasons the student is in quarantine for - see below for contact tracing info.**

Social Distancing - Remaining 3 feet or greater apart with masks on.

Close Contact Exposure - In an enclosed room, not socially distant, for more than 15 mins

Quarantine - To separate or isolate one self for a period of time so as not to further spread the possibility of a communicable disease to the public.  

Contact Tracing - Determining when student\staff was infectious, if they were in the building, who, if any, students and staff were in close contact with the person and possibly needed to go on quarantine. 

**Teachers if a student informs you they will be out please fwd to Hallberg to follow up

I Need to Stay Home - Now What?

Parent\Guardian of Student Will...

Von Steuben Will..

In general, for most scenarios:

  1. Submit the Absent note via Parent Portal & contact Ms. Hallberg to let her know of the situation.
  2. Get tested for Covid 
  3. Send Covid results to Ms. Hallberg [email protected] and if positive also report it to CPS via self-report form 
  4. Once quarantine time frame is confirmed with parent and Admin, then the Counselor will email student’s teachers
  1. Admin confirms situation with family
  2. Admin determines quarantine timeline
  3. Once quarantine time frame is confirmed with parent and Admin, then the Counselor will email all teachers to start the at home learning plan (Please note that a counselor email means that a student is home for a variety of reasons (listed above and does not mean they are covid positive)

Positive COVID Case @ School

Attendance Protocols

  1. Parent reports to CPS via self-report form (and admin)
  2. CPS completes investigations for Contact tracing 
  3. Admin assists by providing attendance, rosters and locations 
  4. CPS determines who (if any) was in close contact and may need to quarantine 
  5. CPS should send an email to the community letting us know there was a case, if that does not happen Ms Sutton will send it out to keep everyone informed.
  6. Those who are defined as a close contact do NOT need to Quarantine, but they DO need to wear a MASK for the next 5 days. They only need to Quarantine if they become symptomatic. 
    1. Close contacts are recommended to get tested for Covid. 
  1. Teachers take accurate attendance every day and every period.
  2. Parents submit note via Parent Portal for all absences
  3. Club Sponsors take attendance for all club meetings (Adult sponsor attends all meetings)
  4. All Athletics coaches must take attendance, athletes must be vaccinated OR get tested weekly. 


  1. Get vaccinated! - Click HERE to make an appt
  2. Submit your vaccination! - Click HERE
  3. Get tested weekly no matter your vaccination status - this is a great practice to make sure we are all safe and not asymptomatic
    1. Staff register HERE
    2. Students register HERE
**Please note that at no time will names be shared with staff or students of the person who is Covid positive as that is a violation of their privacy.**