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Scholars Program

The Von Steuben Scholars Program is an honors-level curriculum designed for high achieving students who require an accelerated academic challenge. 
Members of the program must maintain a minimum GPA while taking at least 5 honors/AP level classes during freshman, sophomore, and junior years and 4 honors/AP level classes during senior year. In addition to this rigorous academic schedule, Scholars must also complete an annual service learning project with other Scholars. In recognition of their hard work, Scholars are invited to special academic and non-academic field trips and a letter explaining this unique program accompanies their transcripts in their college applications.
Enriching Activities
In addition to the honors curriculum, Scholars participate in a variety of exclusive extracurricular activities that give students the opportunity to connect with other students both academically and socially. These activities include field trips that supplement and reinforce what they have studied and challenge them intellectually outside of the classroom, and team building trips, such as our annual freshman retreat, in which the Scholars get to know each other and their teachers in a non-classroom setting.
Supportive Environment
During the critical freshman and sophomore years, teachers in the Scholars Program work closely in Professional Learning Communities to coordinate topics of study and due dates of major assignments and tests. They also meet regularly to discuss student progress and plan coordinated interventions for those students experiencing academic and/or social difficulty. This individual attention and support continues throughout the student’s four years in the program, including the college and scholarship application process.
Special Recognition
Scholars are recognized at award assemblies and graduation.  Scholar achievement is also noted on a letter accompanying student transcripts after six semesters in the 4-Year Scholars Program and after four semesters in the 3-Year Scholars Program.

If you have questions about the Scholars Program, 
please contact Sophie Gavilanes, segavilanes@cps.edu